At Set In Stone Tile & Design, we’re able to install a wide-ranging array of products, to suit almost any space in your home or business.

We like to work with our clients and incorporate their vision and come up with a game plan to be able to give you the finished product you are looking to achieve. Here is a list of some of the products and services we provide:


Some of the materials we use include:

  • tile; porcelain; ceramics;
  • marble; granite; travertine;
  • vinyl plank;
  • laminate;
  • engineered hardwood

Prior to the installation of the finished product of your choice, we make sure a suitable foundation is achieved to ensure the long-lasting durability of your floor.

In-Floor Heat

Most flooring systems include an option of having in-floor heating installed as well, should you wish to have those comforts in your home or business.


  • tile/stone tub surrounds
  • tile/stone walk-in showers
  • shower niches
  • jacuzzi/tub deck tile/stone installations
  • tile shower pans
  • white acrylic shower bases/corner shower stalls

The most important part of having a long-lasting and durable shower is what is underneath your finished product. For wall applications, we use different boarding products depending on your budget and the space being built or renovated.

In addition, for wall applications and shower pans, a secondary membrane is installed. this ensures again, the long lasting durability of your new shower and peace of mind.


The main service we provide in kitchens is the installation of a backsplash tile above the countertops and underneath cabinets.  The hope for a new backsplash is to give your kitchen a fresh, finished look.

Tile Countertops

Although our main focus is in custom bathroom and flooring renovations, we have done some custom countertop installations. Generally our options are limited to granite or porcelain tile countertops, usually using larger pieces and cutting, forming, and polishing them to fit a 1.5″ plywood base.  It’s a great alternative for clients who want a new countertop but don’t want to break the bank by going with traditional granite or quartz slabs.

This can also be done for vanities and other counters in bathrooms and laundry rooms.